"Backless" 70cm by 70cm Resin on Canvas

"Backless" 70cm by 70cm Resin on Canvas

This beautiful resin painting will be a real focal point for any room.  

With a dramatic black and white background the gold and metallic blue cascade down the painting intertwining as it flows.  There are some beautiful details as you will see from the close up images.

I entitled it Backless because it conjures up the idea of a backless dress but it could also be the cascade of a waterfall.  The beauty of abstract art is that it is for the viewer to decide.


If you are interested in how I created it I firstly map out the colours with acrylic paint before using resin and resin tints to create the painting.  Resin has a beautiful marble like quality to it and it has a highly reflective surface which is difficult to photograph but stunning in reality.