1.  Mix and pour the resin

Painting with resin is like painting with molten glass.  I use a non toxic resin which I mix in equal parts resin and hardener.   It has a working time of about an hour before it starts to set.


2.  Add the tint

The tints dissolve in the resin creating the "paint"


3.  Pour the tinted resin on to the acrylic base

I always love mapping out the colours first on to the canvas. I think this gives my resin artwork more of a painterly quality. I use acrylics as they are quick drying and blend easily.  They work as a visual map for me.  I then pour the tinted resin onto the canvas as you can see in this video.


4.  Use a hot gun to "paint"

The final stage in the process is using a hot gun to move the tinted resin around the canvas or board to achieve the desired effect.  Resin has a curing time of about an hour so you have to work pretty fast.  The hot gun also has the dual purpose of removing any air bubbles.  

Each layer of resin takes about 24 hours to set before you can add the next layer.  It is this layering effect that gives my resin art its qualities of depth.