Hidden depths

Hidden depths

70cm diameter  Resin on board


This is a real statement piece which will bring any room to life!  

Ruby red flows into purple rain then violet vigour, turquoise and royal blue.  I hope it has a meditative, soothing effect on the viewer.


 I start with a hand painted acrylic base ensuring the colours blend beautifully and then the fun begins!  This artwork has three layers of resin each adding a sense of depth and subtle highlights.

Resin is a high shine substance that has a reflective finish similar to glass.  It has an almost marble like quality to it.


This art work can be enjoyed inside or outside as it is sealed on the back making it weatherproof but if you do decide to display it outdoors then it is best to pick a spot where it is not subjected to extreme direct sunlight or the colours will fade.  This can be corrected by an extra layer of resin.


This piece comes ready to hang.