Rivulet 2

Rivulet 2

A3 original alcohol ink artwork on Yupo paper (with mount)


If you would like it framed in a beautiful, contemporary handmade frame just add the A3 sized frame in the top menu.


This is one of a series of paintings that I have entitled Rivulet.

It is created with alcohol ink on Yupo paper which is an incredibly smooth surface to work on.

I have used a simple palette of slate, turquoise and gold with subtle additions of indigo. This colour palette is designed to have a soothing, calming effect on the viewer.

The way on which the block of gold colour disperses into tiny particles gives the impression of fluidity... of molten gold.


It is an abstract artwork with a playful use of negative space to take the viewer on a journey to explore the various avenues of this imaginary place.


I wanted explore the boundaries to the painting and I wanted to create a soothing, meditative piece


The artwork was inspired by the feeling of letting my feet sink into the sand on the beach in Padstow, Cornwall whilst watching the rivulets of water run through them on the beach and into the beautiful turquoise coloured sea.


I see rivulets but what do you see? Caribbean islands from the sky?  Turquoise seas?  Shimmering Gold?