"Ocean" 81cm by 30.5cm (Indoor or Outdoor art)

"Ocean" 81cm by 30.5cm (Indoor or Outdoor art)

81 cm by 30.5 cm


Let this artwork transport you straight to the ocean!  It has several layers of tinted resin which gives the painting a real sense of depth... as if you could get lost in the waves!


Resin is a high shine substance that has a reflective finish similar to glass.  Resin artwork has an almost marble like quality to it.


In order to create this work I firstly painted the design in acrylic paint before using high quality resin mixed with colour pigments.  I then used a hotgun to move the resin around and create the desired effect. 


This piece comes ready to hang with a wall hanger and screws necessary to carry the weight of the artwork.  The back of the artwork is painted black and sealed so that it is completely weatherproof so you can enjoy it indoors or outdoors


I love the ocean 


The waves lapping the shore
A light breeze blowing in your face
You can breathe in the ozone and just feel yourself healing
The water shimmers from slate grey to a pale turquoise
Your feet sink into the sand 
The skies shift above you casting shadows that dance on the sand
And in this moment you know all will be well